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Dental Sealants and Fluoride Varnish for Children

Fluoride varnish is an important type of dental treatment. It helps preventing cavities in children, and the treatment can be applied as soon as the child turns 6 months old. Fluoride varnish treatments are approved by the FDA and they are recommended by the ADA- American Dental Association. Talk to your childrens dentist Mahwah to find out more details regarding this type of treatment. Fluoride varnish treatments can be applied to baby teeth, but the treatment can also be applied to adults’ teeth.

The treatment involves the painting of a varnish on the surface of the teeth. This varnish has high fluoride content. In order to prevent decay successfully, the fluoride varnish can be applied every six months. Your childrens dentist Mahwah will give you more detailed and personalized information regarding this treatment, as some children may require this treatment even more often.

From 3+ years, kids can undergo fluoride varnish treatments twice a year. If your child is younger, your dentist will appoint the right type of treatment based on his needs. Always take your child to the scheduled regular dental visits in order to avoid dental cavities, gum disease and other oral health issues.

Dental sealants also represent a type of treatment that works as a protection against dental decay. This type of treatment can be applied once the back permanent teeth have started to erupt, which usually happens around the age of 6 or 7. Dental sealants represent thin plastic coating strips that are applied directly to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth of your child. The dental sealants will protect against food particles and germs/bacteria from entering the tooth and starting the decay process. The dental sealants can last even up to 10 years.

Discuss with your dentist the best available options for your child. After an initial checkup the children’s dentist will suggest the best types of treatments available in order to help maintaining a beautiful smile for your child. If there are any other dental treatments necessary, the dentist will perform those first and apply the dental sealants afterwards.

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