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Desiccant Packs: 5 Surprising Uses

The uses of desiccant packs are innumerable. There are many industries that highly benefit from using these, such as food, shipping, and chemical facilities, among many others. However, the uses of desiccant packs expand way beyond their industrial uses. They are also an extremely helpful and practical item when it comes to everyday situations at home. Below, you will find some of the most popular scenarios in which desiccant packs come in handy.

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  1. Keeping Moisture Away from Books

When transporting or storing books, moisture is a big threat. Desiccant packs are perfect for keeping your books moisture-free during the transportation or for the time they are stored away. Just place a bag in the box where the books are stored, and it will absorb the moisture, keeping it away from the books.

  1. Clothing Items

Because of space restrictions, some people have to store their winter clothes away during summer and vice versa. To prevent your clothes and shoes from getting affected by moisture, just throw a couple of desiccant packs in the box where they are stored, and your clothes will be dry and fresh when you are ready to use them again.

  1. Drying Cellphones Off

When a cellphone gets wet, the most popular advice is to place it in dry and raw rice to dry it out.┬á Although this works, to some extent, it has been proven that by placing the cell phone in silica gel (whatÔÇÖs inside desiccant packs) is much more effective than regular rice.

  1. Storing Foods and Spices

Desiccant packs are also ideal when storing foods or spices for long. One only has to make sure to get desiccant packs that are composed but a non-hazardous silica gel to avoid any kind of food contamination.

  1. Drying Flowers

Commonly, flowers may take several weeks to dry. By using desiccant packs, flowers can easily take less than one week to be completely dry.

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