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Design a Fabulous Home with These Tips

Professional designers undergo years of training, so they know exactly how to recreate a perfectly balanced and beautiful space for anyone. Now, here are some of the tips and tricks professional designers can share with you:

  • Lighting is essential- immediately include lighting in your interior design plan. Pay attention to this aspect because adding the lights at the end of your project is extremely difficult. Opt for beautiful antique reproduction lights or any other fixtures you love to create the perfect harmony in your home.
  • Order samples- before making a final decision regarding wallpapers, painting or textures in your home, order a few examples to see how these combine or would look. Collecting these samples is relatively cheap, but this step can significantly affect your home design.
  • Think clean and neutral- especially when it comes to the walls. This way, you will create a clean canvas for everything that comes next- decorations, furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. There are tens of different shades of creams, whites, and greys that you can choose from.
  • Don’t try to make everything symmetric- if you try to stick to symmetry in your home, you may create a design with no personality and balance.
  • Just a dash of red- if you want to add something extra, like a missing piece of a giant puzzle, consider finishing up your project by adding something red to the space. This can be a beautiful red lampshade, or choose among the tremendous antique reproduction lights with a reddish or copper accent. Or you can opt for an attractive red picture frame, a throw blanket, or a beautiful red vase. That tiny touch of red will make the entire space more vibrant.
  • Add softness to your interior by opting for furniture with curves, arches, or circles. Refrain from filling your home with furniture with harsh edges and corners, as it will make everything look too sharp.

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