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Fixing a Slow Opening Garage Door Tips

Fixing a Slow Opening Garage Door Tips

Slow-opening garage doors can be highly frustrating, but Hopewell junction garage doors experts have a few professional tips for you. When it comes to garage doors, it is good to have some basic knowledge of the door’s mechanics, but this problem is something you can fix on your own. Does your garage door open slowly? Has your garage door given up on opening at all? One of the most important things you should remember is regular maintenance.

Allow hopewell junction garage door experts to perform regular maintenance on your door, so you will never have to face such problems or even worse complications. Is there anything you can do to fix a slow-opening garage door?

  • Firstly, carefully inspect the hinges of the door- Can you notice that one of the hinges is missing? Did you see damaged door hinges? Keep in mind that damaged hinges cannot support a heavy garage door. Therefore, the door starts opening slower than usual, so one of the first things you need to do is appropriately lubricate the hinges or replace them if any are missing. Moving parts on a garage door must always be kept well-lubricated.
  • Next, inspect the springs- Are the springs intact and well-functioning, or are they broken or too stretched? If the sprigs are tested or damaged, they cannot lift the garage door’s weight. Therefore, it will take much longer to open the door. When it comes to garage door springs repair, maintenance or replacements, you should always put this job in the hands of the experts at hopewell junction garage doors.
  • What about the opener cables? Can you notice that the wires are tangled? Are they damaged? Garage door openers can easily malfunction if there is a cable problem. Contact your local garage door experts, who will arrive at the premises and conduct an inspection. They will carefully replace the damaged cables or perform any maintenance job required.

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