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Diet for the Prevention of Calcium Oxalate Stones

If you had kidney stones in the past, you must ask your doctor exactly which type of stone you had. Depending on the type of kidney stone you have, there are things you can do to prevent them, especially dietary changes. Your urologist new york will inform you whether you have calcium oxalate stones, calcium phosphate stones, uric acid stones, or cysteine stones.

Now, let’s see the dietary recommendations for calcium oxalate stones. First, you need to reduce oxalate intake. The foods with the highest oxalate content include nuts and nut products, peanuts (relatively high in oxalates!), spinach, bran, and rhubarb. Discuss with your urologist new york about other types of foods that contain oxalate and also about what is the amount of oxalate that you can have in your diet.

Next, you also need to reduce sodium intake.

As you consume more and more sodium, you are increasing your chances of developing kidney stones. Sodium is a salt component; unfortunately, many packaged and canned foods contain very high amounts of sodium. Some meats, condiments, and different seasonings also may contain high amounts of sodium.

Limiting animal protein will also help you prevent kidney stone formation. Health care professionals typically suggest limiting your intake of beef, chicken, and pork (especially organs!), fish and shellfish products, eggs, and dairy products. You need to ensure to get enough protein, but at the same time, you need to be careful with the amounts in your diet. You could replace animal protein with vegetal protein, such as focusing more on consuming beans and lentils. These are plant-based foods very low in oxalate and high in good-quality vegetal proteins.

Many believe calcium is the culprit for the formation of kidney stones. Getting enough calcium from your diet to stay protected would be best. Calcium can block different substances in your digestive tract that would lead to the formation of kidney stones. Always talk to your doctor about the nutritional choices best suited for you.

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