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Do You Need to Replace your Garage Door?

After heavy use for several decades, garage doors can give up on you. A time will come when you know you need to invest, browse through the beautiful tivoli garage doors, and get rid of the old ones. Garage doors are typically exposed to a lot of wear and tear; they can eventually represent a safety issue if not replaced, etc. So how do you know if you need to replace your old garage door and not just repair it? When is the optimum time to start searching for tivoli garage doors and finally dispose of your old garage door?

Garage doors start showing dents over the years, which is normal. However, these bumps and dents represent an aesthetic issue, and with a nice coat of paint and a few tiny repairs, your garage door can look good again. However, if your garage door looks and feels “old,” and you do not necessarily want to invest in repairs and a cosmetic redo, perhaps it is time to buy a new one. You should think of the investment if:

  • You are completely unhappy with how your garage door looks and functions
  • You are thinking of selling your house shortly, so you want to invest to get a better sale
  • Your current garage door lacks plenty of functionalities. For example, the door does not reverse on contact, is not insulated well, and represents a safety hazard overall.

If your door is quite old and the damage is extensive, replace it instead of repairing it. There are missing panels, and the entire door looks and feels shaky and old, so it is time to replace it with a new one. If you have a wooden garage door and the wood panels are already rotting, with missing hinges and rollers, and the panels are also misaligned, these are clear signs that you should look for a new door. Replacing something old is cheaper and safer than starting to recondition it.

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