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Facial Pores- Causes & Available Treatments

Enlarged pores do not represent a medical condition but enlarged pores can become highly frustrating. Enlarged pores express a cosmetic concern for quite many people. To find the best treatment method for enlarged pores shrinkage, it is also essential to understand the leading causes of enlarged pores. You may be struggling with enlarged pores if you have an oily complexion. When your skin produces oils in excess, the dirt and dead skin cells become trapped in the skin, which leads to an enlargement of the pores. Enlarged pores represent a common problem, and one of the best treatments for enlarged pores shrinkage is performed with the Viora V30. This multi-technology platform can address a wide range of skin problems, among them treating enlarged pores.

Genetics also plays a significant role in determining the pore size of your skin. It is essential to pay good attention to proper skincare routines to avoid dead skin cells buildup within the skin, which leads to enlargement of the pores. Excessive sebum production is another cause of enlarged pores. The pores in your skin contain sebaceous oil glands, and when they produce excess oil, this will lead to an oily skin complexion. Sebum is, in fact, a natural skin moisturizer, but when made in excess, it can lead to such issues.

Aging is yet another factor that can significantly affect the appearance of enlarged pores. Skin loses its natural elasticity as we age, and this will lead to making the pores look bigger over time. Therefore, enlarged pores represent a natural aspect of the aging process, but luckily, many enlarged pores shrinkage treatments are available today. Increased sun exposure without proper SPF cream can also lead to expanded pores on our skin. Then, large hair follicles also play a role in the size of the pores. Every hair follicle can be found under a pore, and when the hair follicles are more prominent, the pores will also be more significant.

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