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About Food Safety in the Food Processing Industry

Food and Beverage Expert Witnesses

A food service expert witness has extensive knowledge and experience in food science, hospitality, different regulations, the agricultural sector, food & drinks packaging, food and beverage processing, and even knowledge in chemical engineering. Food and beverage expert witnesses must feel extremely comfortable and confident in explaining processes and specific technologies in front of a jury or a judge. It is essential to keep in mind that both the food industry and the beverage industry are highly regulated sectors, and there are plenty of rules and regulations in place which must be respected. There is a great need for a food service expert witness when the case goes to court.

So, what does a food and beverage expert witness do? He will offer expert analysis, make special reports, a deposition, an opinion, an expert suggestion, and so on. The attorney may suggest hiring a food and beverage expert witness to provide professional testimony with higher financial stakes. What types of cases may require a food service expert witness?

  • Food supply chain issues
  • Nutrition and food additives
  • Food manufacturing problems
  • Food safety issues
  • Food packaging
  • Food supply chain-related issues

Many food expert witnesses hold PhDs in Food Science or are flavor chemists and have other specializations. Then, some experts are owners of consultancy firms in the food and flavor industry. Many experts are specialists in what is known as flavor formulation for different foods and beverages. Most experts have plenty of domestic and international experience as evaluators within this vast industry. Some related disciplines where a food service expert witness can help include beverage packaging, food microbiology, foodborne illnesses, food processing & food technology, fruit production, liquor liability, food additives, food manufacturing, and so on. Finding a witness with the right balance of expertise and testimony experience for the unique case he represents is also essential. Food safety experts have a wide range of duties, so selecting a trustworthy and knowledgeable witness on all levels is imperative.


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