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Why is Summer Reading Important for Children

Why is Summer Reading Important for Children

Summer breaks are long and fun for most kids, but this break from school is also too long. Children need to stay entertained and connected to school and academia, and the best thing to do is encourage your child to read during the summertime. Experts have an expression known as the “summer slide,” which refers to the fact that kids tend to forget the things they have learned in school during the long summer. Many parents also opt to keep up with the private tutoring sessions even during the summer- only the activities are more fun and relaxing. Still, the learning process will be open when vacation starts. You can check out the tutoring rates in NYC and see that tutoring is quite affordable. The tutor will tailor the lessons and activities to your child’s individual needs, and these tutoring sessions are precious, especially during the summer when there is no school.

Parent tips for starting summer reading:

  • It would help if you started reading to your child out loud- before a child can read independently, he needs to develop good listening skills. Therefore, you should read to your child at least three times per week, and you will slowly but steadily encourage your child to start reading on his own. Reading is a fundamental and essential skill in life, and if you want your child to love reading, you should set an example and encourage your child.
  • Select a preferred topic- you can attract your child to the magical world of reading more quickly if you present books that contain topics they love. Does your child love everything about space? Then find a kid’s book of science. Does your child love sports? Then, you should see a book for children that includes sports facts or a storyline related to the world of sports and other activities.
  • The Public Library- introduce your child to the mesmerizing world of imagination and beauty- the books at the public library. Take a few trips to the library with your child and encourage him to pick up a book on a subject he loves. Since this is summertime and the summer is about relaxation and more freedom, you can let your child choose books that he loves on topics of their interest. Let them read books on dinosaurs, encyclopedias for kids, and basically, any book that adds value to expanding their horizons.


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