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Handling a Septic Emergency

Handling a Septic Emergency

Backed up septic systems emit an extremely foul odor in your yard and inside your home. In case you are a homeowner with a septic tank, you already know that septic emergencies ny can happen. Quite often, there is no sign of such an emergency ready to burst out, and this is why regular septic tank maintenance is so important. Experts in the field recommend emptying/pumping your septic tank every two years, but in homes with more than 3 or 4 people septic pumping may be required even ever year to ensure emergencies are kept away.

Many homeowners perform the mistake of adding certain chemicals to the septic tank. They do so believing this will help keep problems at bay. In fact, they are doing more harm than good, because septic tanks actually rely on these bacteria in order to be able to break down waste materials. The habit of continuously adding such non-organic or chemicals to the septic tank can easily lead to septic emergencies ny.

If you have noticed that your septic system is backing up, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you should remember is to not use your plumbing system until the issue is dealt with. The next step is to contact the septic services in your area and explain the emergency to them. The team of experts will arrive to your property and perform a thorough inspection. Please keep in mind that most reputable septic service companies offer 24/7 solutions, exactly because of such emergency issues. It is important to contact septic services immediately as you notice the problem. Do not postpone this call, because it may cost you a lot of money.

Preventing septic backup is possible- this is done by performing regular septic tank inspections and pumping. Septic tanks are considered eco-friendly systems for waste management, but this system also requires some extra attention and care. It is also important to maintain your pipes as clean as possible, because everything that goes into the pipes will end up into your septic system (no oils, paints, chemical drain cleaners, grease, etc.)

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