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Avoiding a Septic Tank Overflow

Avoiding a Septic Tank Overflow

Septic tank overflow is every homeownerโ€™s worst nightmare. This is why regular septic pumping salt point ny services are so important. By pumping your tank on a regular basis you can actually keep disasters away from happening. If you suspect that there is a problem with your septic tank, you should immediately contact the septic services available in your area. The experts will perform a quick inspection and recommend the necessary steps for proper maintenance. If your system was not pumped for some time now, they may recommend septic tank pumping as a first step to avoid overflows.

Some of the main signs and symptoms that you may struggle with septic emergency:

  • You noticed lately that all your showers, the sinks and the drains are slower than usual. Maybe it is time to contact septic pumping salt point ny experts for further investigations
  • You have noticed black liquid floating in your toilets
  • In your yard, you can notice that water forms puddles around the area where your septic tank is. Also here, you can notice fresh greenery growing abundantly (another sign that an overflow may be happening)

The best cure is prevention, and this is also true in the case of septic tanks. Besides pumping your tank at precisely regular intervals (every year or every two years maximum), there are some other things you can do. Keep in mind that anything that goes into your pipes inside the home, will directly go into the tank. This is why, you should avoid emptying paint thinners into the pipes, or larges quantities of solids. Also, stay away from other hazardous materials such as chemical drain cleaners or gasoline for example. Think of your septic tank system as a green, ecologically friendly system that needs to be cared for. It is a waste management system that needs to be kept as โ€œcleanโ€ as possible in order to function properly.

If you are already dealing with an emergency, you should stop using the pipes in your home until the experts arrive to solve the problem. Also, you should contact septic service as soon as you notice the problem, to prevent further issues.

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