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High Quality Military Grade Duct Tape

Looking for top quality mil spec packaging solutions? Edco Supply Corporation offers a wide range of high quality, durable and multipurpose packaging solutions, as well as plenty of military tape styles and sizes you can choose from. The military grade duct tape is mainly used for military and aerospace packaging, and it is a full waterproof sealing and packaging duct tape that you can use across so many applications. Whether you are a retailer sending items to your customers, or you need to perform high quality packaging around the house, this military tape will be extremely useful.

The military tape can be used successfully for car media blast protection or surface masking. You can also use it effectively for bundling because it offers outstanding adherence to flat surfaces such as glass or plastic. The best thing about this tape is that it can easily withstand even the highest temperatures. So what are some highlights of the military grade tape?

  • It offers high tensile strength
  • Highly resistant to the elements- such as moisture, excessive heat, solvents and abrasion
  • It delivers an extremely powerful adherence to most surfaces including glass, plastic, iron, etc.
  • The military tape can easily hold up even in conditions of extreme temperatures and it provides a super crisp and straight tear so that you can use it with great ease and precision

Military tape is often used to reupholster office chairs for example. This is a DIY project and your office chair will look just like new with relatively little effort. Then, you can use the tape for all sorts of repairs on aircraft and boats, or to repair any other outdoor items that are generally exposed to UV rays and water. This tape is quite useful while outdoors camping, because it can instantly help you repair a torn backpack or even your tent.

Military grade tape is a highly popular item for household repair projects, and it is also a perfect solution that helps you reinforce outdoor chairs or any other furniture that you have in your garden. The tape is also perfect for use in extreme cold weather.

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