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Different Types of Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags are highly versatile and useful packaging items. These types of bags have silica gel, which helps protecting items in a sealed package. The role of the desiccant bags is to protect the items from moisture formation. As you may know, moisture can be extremely damaging, and it can lead to corrosion, rust, mold or mildew formation. For example, if you are shipping food items, it is extremely important to protect them with such packs. Typically, the desiccant bags are highly important to be used with the following types of items/ goods:

  • Any packaged food items- cans, boxes, etc.
  • Leather & food items
  • Military goods and textiles
  • Semiconductors and engines
  • Any electronic components that arte truly sensitive to moisture damage- we can include here integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, circuit boards and others
  • Any medical devices
  • Machinery for different industries
  • Any metals
  • Lay-up vessels and aircraft storage applications

At Edco Supply Corporation you will find a wide range of desiccant bags– from small bags and up to more industrial sized solutioms. If you do not know exactly which type of packaging solution to choose, you can talk to the experts here and they will gladly assist you.

There are also different types or configurations of desiccant bags that you can choose from:

  • Heat sealed bags- standard descant bags
  • Specialty desiccant bags- customized packaging solutions to help meet the needs and requirements of different applications
  • The netted desiccant bags- these represent the best choice for any bulk solids, powdered food items and food items in general. These packaging solutions have incorporated food grade netting, so that they can be easily inserted into the powdered or fine grain food items to provide there protection against moisture formation (clumping)

Edco Supply Corporation offers a wide range of desiccant bags that meet the highest standards across many industries. They also offer mil spec packaging solutions that are highly durable types of packaging used across so many applications. You are welcome to check out their website for a full display of the available packaging items and solutions.

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