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How do Dentists Clean the Teeth of Children

From an early age, children should regularly visit the dentist. This way many dental problems can be prevented. You should find a dentist for kids ridgewood valley and take your child every six months or at least once per year for a dental checkup. Brushing regularly at home is extremely important in order to maintain the teeth and the gums healthy. Children need to develop good dental hygiene habits, and taking your child to the dentist will greatly help in that sense.

There are the “wellness” dental checkups available, where the dentist will evaluate the dental health of your child and suggest treatment plans if required. A dentist for kids ridgewood valley will perform a regular checkup, and the checkup generally lasts about 30 minutes. The dentist will shortly review the oral health history of the child and then suggest X-rays if needed. The dental hygienist will then proceed with a gentle dental cleaning in order to remove plaque buildup from the teeth. Using an ultrasonic dental tool the hygienist will also start cleaning each tooth properly. This treatment is followed by gentle flossing and polishing if the teeth. When the dental cleaning part is over, the dentist will review the X-rays to check for any cavities or other dental issues that may be present.

Experts recommend that parents schedule an appointment with the dentist shortly after the child gets his first teeth. From 6+ months old, toddlers can be brought to the dentist for regular checkups. Certainly, the dental appointments in the first few years will not include dental cleaning, but rather the dentist will check for signs and symptoms of developing dental problems. Dentists also teach parents how to properly care for the young child’s teeth and gums at home. Dental wellness checkups are extremely important, because they can help preventing many dental health complications in the future. Older children should brush and floss their teeth twice a day, but visiting the dentist will help get protection against troubles such as dental cavities or infections. At such a dental visit, the dentist can spot any issues before they turn into more serious conditions.

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