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Why Men Need Regular Urology Checkups

With aging, men need to pay particular attention to regular screenings in order to avoid any problems. It is important to mention that the prostate, the urinary tract and sexual function change over time. Therefore it is imperative to find a urologist manhattan that you tryst and like so that you can build a long-term relationship with your doctor. Men should start visiting a urologist on a regular basis after the age of 40 and ensure to keep up with the yearly checkups and required screenings.

What does a urologist manhattan do?

Urologists specialize in urinary tract related problems. Regarding men, urologists specialize in treating health problems relating to the male organs- the scrotum, the penis, the testicles as well as the prostate. Those men who have a family history of kidney, testicular or prostate cancer should definitely start seeing the urologist on a regular basis starting at 40. The doctor will perform a complete checkup and screening and also review your medical records. Then, the doctor is able to determine if you are facing a risk if developing such conditions.

Urologist screening types

  • Prostate cancer screenings- during this exam, the physician will check for any abnormalities of the prostate. Please keep in mind that prostate cancer is one of the most treatable cancers in men, especially if caught early. Some of the symptoms that could raise an alarm include trouble getting an erection, blood in the urine or the urge to go often/ trouble urinating
  • Kidney stones- they happen when the chemicals found in urine start crystalizing and this is how stones are formed. Stones start from being very small, but they can grow even larger than an inch in diameter. Feeling pain while urinating, constant lower back pain or blood in the urine can all be indicative of kidney stones.
  • Testicular cancer screenings- an extremely important type of screening, where the doctor will carefully examine if there any lumps or growths on the testicles.

Seeing a urologist on a regular basis is extremely important. Men can maintain good health and keep complications at bay with the help of regular urologist screenings.

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