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Clinical documentation tools

How Healthcare Providers Use Clinical Documentation Tools

Clinical Documentation Tools โ€“ CDI- are special tools that help healthcare organizations accurately represent all sorts of information. This information typically pertains to the health status of patients, their clinical status, and office visit data. This information is kept as coded data in EHRs. Then, the respective data and information is used to perform top-quality reporting, disease tracking, reimbursement, and different clinical processes.

Clinical documentation tools play a significant role in all aspects of healthcare. By using such CDI tools, healthcare organizations boost their clinical efficiency their workflow and of course, reduce to a minimum data entry task that need to be performed by specialists. The gains in revenue can be spectacular when using such clinical documentation tools. According to statistics and reports in the field, up to 90% of the hospitals using CDI tools increased their revenues by a minimum $1.5 million in claims reimbursement and healthcare revenue.

One of the most utilized types of CDI is the natural language processing tool (NLP), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify important information from both spoken and written input that is not actually structured. The tool draws information, analyzes it, and delivers accurate reports that healthcare professionals use to make well-informed patient health decisions (diagnosis, treatments, etc.).

Some benefits of implementing CDI tools in different healthcare organizations include improved communication and workflow, real-time view of charts and patient data, accuracy & efficiency, meaningful use, and saving precious resources (time & money). With clinical documentation tools, the claim denials are reduced. Typically, insurance companies will deny a patient’s healthcare coverage request for several reasons. Those claims that are not clear, concise, or those that are missing information are typically rejected. By using professional CDI tools, the claims will be fully completed, extremely easy to understand, and they will always be filed on time. This means insurance companies are most likely to accept such claims that are complete and well documented.

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