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CAPD 360 Insight

What is CAPD 360 Insight

CAPD 360 Insight is a complete physician workflow management tool offered by Hiteks. This tool provides instant feedback to physicians or CDI experts based on specific algorithms with high positive value. This means there will be no false positive queries because the tool focuses mainly on high positive predictive values to assure the most remarkable accuracy and efficiency. CAPD 360 for Notereader is fully integrated into Epic’s CDI workflow and reporting environment. CAPD 360 makes part of HITEKS’ Insight Real-Time Intelligence line of products. Make sure to visit https://hiteks.com/for more detailed information on this specific product.

Thanks to supporting some of the most technologically advanced tools, HITEKS helps customers control up to 100% of the Physician Workflow Query rules. They can also create custom-tailored libraries of such Physician Workflow Queries. When it comes to such helpful technology, there is never one size that fits all aspects. However, HITEKS created one of the most robust, reliable, and intelligent solutions with a proprietary integration of EPIC that includes an Info button on the main screen that the physician sees. Then, there are also links to the Binoculars in the CDI workflow screens.

When compared to back-end CDI Workflow tools, CAPD360 Insight has the following advantages:

  • Follows comprehensive coding rules
  • This is currently the fastest and most fully integrated EHR solution
  • 90%+ specific & sensitive
  • Employs multiple processing formats
  • Encryption & storage of all data exchange
  • Top intuitive configuration customization โ€“ no need for software code adjustment of any kind
  • Both Pediatrics & Adult Medicine covered
  • Faster query generation by CSI experts & faster chart review
  • Much higher compliance for physician responses
  • Direct query to physicians for specific query types that show to have high accuracy
  • More targeted inpatient & ambulatory queries
  • Improved revenue cycle: fewer chart reviews, improved accuracy of clinical complexity diagnoses, enhanced physician workflow, and simplified direct queries

CAPD360 Insight represents a suitable option for the following clinical environments: inpatient & ambulatory, medical practices, academic medical centers, and Children’s hospitals?

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