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How to Package Your Products Before Shipping

Business owners know how important it is to keep their customers happy. They’ll get good reviews, the customers will recommend them to their friends, and they will even be repeat customers. That being said, it’s important to provide a good experience to your customers, every step of the way. This starts with the customer service; your clients should feel like your customer service representatives are there for them every step of the way; answering questions, recommending products, and offering information on whatever the customer needs.

Once the customer knows exactly what product they want, they’ll order it to arrive at their house. This is the next step of keeping your customers happy: fast delivery with no mistakes. To make sure the delivery arrives in perfect condition, here are some of the mil-spec packaging that you should consider using.


Desiccant packs

Desiccant packs are packaged in Kraft Paper or Tyvek and absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals. Not only does it protect against moisture, but also rust, mold, and mildew. Desiccant packs can be used in almost every industry. Electronics, for example, could stop working if they’re exposed to too much moisture. Even food could be affected, as the texture could be ruined and mold could grow.


Anti-Static Bags

Anti-static bags protect electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. It does so by creating a Faraday cage effect, which distributes any electric discharge among the exterior of the cage. This protects the products on the inside of the anti-static bags. This is important while packaging electronics, as well as micro circuits, thin film resisters, and associated airborne components.


Military Tape

Military tape is strong and can bundle together any type of package, even packages that have weird shapes. A great military tape to use for this is filament tape. This is important, because if your package isn’t secure, it could fall apart during transit.

If you’re a business owner, you should utilize these three items to make sure that your products arrive to your customers in great condition.

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