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Protecting Your Packages Against Humidity

Whether youโ€™re a first-time sender or you send packages every day to clients, you want to guarantee that your packages are arriving at its destination without any harm. You can do so by putting them in a size-appropriate package, labeling them if necessary (fragile, handle with care, caution), and adding cushion to fragile packages. Thereโ€™s also another thing that you should consider: weather conditions. Your package may go through rough weather during transit, so itโ€™s important to plan ahead.

This is crucial, as many different items can be damaged by water. Food, for example, may lose its texture and grow mold. Anybody who opens their package and sees mold on their food will be very upset, and that food item will have to be thrown away. Furthermore, metal items can even be impacted, as humidity can cause rust to form, which could be damaging to the product. These are just two examples, but many products can be damaged by humidity. To protect your package against water damage, there are two main protectors that you should use.


Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs are used to keep products dry, as they absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals from the air. The most common type of desiccant packs are made from silica, but can also be made from charcoal, calcium sulfate, molecular sieves, and bentonite clay. Desiccant packs also come in all different sizes; if you need a small bag for a pair of shoes, you can get small desiccant packs. If you need enough to protect a truckload of products, you can also find big desiccant packs.


Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture barrier bags, otherwise known as vapor barrier bags, are made from multiple layers of plastic and aluminum. Their purpose of them is to control moisture vapor leakage. Moisture barrier bags also come in all different sizes, with the option to have open ended bags and zip lock bags.

When youโ€™re sending products to your clients or loved ones, make sure that your package is protected against humidity. For more information, contact your mil-spec packaging provider.

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