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How to prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are hard, crystalline minerals that form within the kidney or urinary tract.ย  Research shows that 1 in 20 people in the United States will develop a kidney stone in their life.ย  That being said, itโ€™s possible to get kidney stones more than once.ย  For those of you that have developed kidney stones multiple times, youโ€™re probably wondering how to stop it.ย  Keep reading to learn more about the risk factors and how to prevent it.

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Risk Factors of Kidney Stones

One of the risk factors that are associated with kidney stones are our genes.ย  Studies have shown that 40 percent of people who get kidney stones have one or more family members that have also had them.ย  In addition, there are conditions that are connected to kidney stones, such as intestinal surgery, obesity, gout, hyperthyroidism, and certain kidney stones.ย  Your lifestyle is also an important factor, which weโ€™ll discuss below.


How Your Lifestyle Affects Kidney Stones

A big reason why kidney stones form is due to lack of water.ย  If you drink too little of water, that means that youโ€™ll create less urine, which gives stones a better chance to grow.ย  Other factors that can contribute to it are too much soda, salt, vitamin C supplements, animal protein, and certain medications.ย  Although all of these things are a normal part of a diet, they can become a problem if they are consumed in excess.


How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Your urologist in New Yorkย will first recommend you to be aware of your lifestyle choices.ย  This means drinking lots of water, choosing food wisely, and checking food labels.ย  Aside from eating (and avoiding) certain foods, they will make recommendations for you, depending on your situation.ย  For instance, if theyโ€™re forming because of your medications, they may want to change your medication.

If you have repeatedly suffered from kidney stones, talk further with your urologist in New Yorkย about what you can do to prevent it.

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