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CAPD 360 Insight

Improving Clinical Workflow with CAPD 360 by Hiteks

The main aim of healthcare providers all over is to offer highly efficient treatments and services to their customers. To achieve this, healthcare organizations must acknowledge the importance of a streamlined clinical workflow and, of course, make everything possible to improve their clinical services on all levels. To see a workflow improvement, it is important to embed a systematic or automated type of process so that everybody can easily access patient records, patient clinical history details, different visits/outcomes/diagnostics, and so on. On the other hand, it is imperative to reduce mistakes that could lead to further expenses and losses.

CAPD 360 Insight by Hiteks is an application in both Silent & Direct Modes – integrated with Epic Notereader. Thanks to the different modules available, healthcare providers can significantly reduce resource time, and work time, and instantly improve their responsiveness and workflow on all levels.

Capd 360 Insight is a masterful combination of Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence. The application can analyze and review in-depth notes and keep track of the patient’s health records to offer real-time, reliable feedback. Therefore, healthcare providers can make well-informed decisions based on feedback, which improves the accuracy of the diagnosis, better treatments, and faster action.

The application simplifies everything and also reduces the chance of documentation errors. This is how healthcare providers can also enjoy an improved patient/doctor experience, especially from an administrative point of view. Improving clinical workflow necessitates very good training. At Hiteks, the experts offer physician training programs that are integrated with Epic. This way, healthcare experts that use the application will see a great improvement in their clinical workflow.

Delivering efficient and successful services to patients is the primary goal of all healthcare providers. They can reach this goal if the practice/clinic/hospital works around highly efficient software which helps to make improvements on all levels- saving valuable resources will allow for more free time you can spend on direct interaction with your patients and more free time that you can spend on research and advancements.

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