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The Treatment of Large Facial Pores

You can do plenty of things to make facial pores less noticeable. There are also many enlarged pores shrinkage professional treatments available, which will give faster and better results. Dermatologists agree that using non-comedogenic skin care and make-up products is the first step towards achieving your goal. “Non-comedogenic” basically means that the product will not clog your pores. When the facial pores become clogged, they typically expand and become more noticeable.

To avoid clogged pores, always look for skin care products that are oil-free, non-comedogenic, and irritant-free. An oily complexion or clogged pores will make the pores look larger. Make sure to cleanse your face in the morning and the evening, to unclog your pores and reduce the oiliness on your face. Gently wash your face because harsh products or scrubbing will lead to inflammation. When your skin is inflamed, the pores will also look more expanded. Those with oily skin and who struggle with acne should use retinol-based products.

You should also treat your acne/breakouts because acne clogs the pores, making them look even more noticeable. Typically, facial cleansers containing salicylic acid may help because these will unclog your pores, and these products are gentle and can be used daily. If you believe that skin care products do very little in clearing your acne or pores, you should check out the enlarged pores shrinkage high-performance treatments performed by Sana H Obaid, MD.

Another highly important aspect is to protect your skin with adequate sunscreen. Sun-damaged skin becomes less firm, wrinkles will deepen, and skin dryness becomes a huge problem. Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen to prevent damage caused by the sun on your face. Sun damage builds up over time, so applying good sunscreen every day is extremely important, regardless of whether it is cold or warm outside. Picking, squeezing, or scrubbing your face harshly will only irritate your pores and skin, so stay away from such practices.

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