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Making your Home Cozy and Inviting

Creating a cozy and inviting home only takes a few well-chosen accessories. You do not have to spend a fortune on fancy renovations or invest in extremely expensive furniture. A few antique reproduction hanging lanterns and some beautiful plants placed throughout your home can make the whole difference.

Let’s start with the beginning…which is the entrance of your home. This is the place that your guests will see first when entering your home, so you need to make it as welcoming as possible. Outdoor decoration pieces, colorful flowers, and some antique reproduction hanging lanterns will immediately add a cozy vibe to your entrance.

For the living area in your home, you should choose a few nice throw blankets that will instantly bring a touch of coziness to your sofa or armchairs. You should also add a throw blanket to your bed in the bedroom to add a nice decorative touch to your space. Using accessories such as blanket ladders or woven baskets for your throw blankets can further beautify the atmosphere.

What is the centerpiece of your living room? The one piece of furniture that you use the most? Your couch of course. So make sure to buy a comfortable and cozy couch that will become the centerpiece of the living area. Use diffuse lighting throughout your home with antique reproduction hanging lanterns and help the reflection of the light with a few antique/vintage mirrors placed on the walls.

Candles, vases, and even lighting fixtures will help beautifully framing your fireplace area. Play around with accessories and decorative ideas until you find the best design that complements your personal space. Fresh flowers and plants represent extremely important accessories. If you do not want to bring into your home fresh cut flowers, then adding a few succulent plants that do not require as much care will do just fine.

Above all, remember that good lighting makes all the difference in a home. Use dimmed lighting for a cozy atmosphere and use brighter lights when needed. With a relatively small investment you can change the entire atmosphere of tour home…you only need to add a few color & lighting accents.

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