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Common Causes of Garage Fires

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of fires reported each year that started in garages. So how can you protect your garage from fire? Millerton garage doors experts will take you through some of the most common causes of garage fires and how to prevent them.  Garage fires can be extremely dangerous and they can lead to property damages quite quickly. Homes with attached garages are exposed to even greater risks obviously. Any homeowner should be cautious to avoid such problems.

Millerton garage doors experts expose 4 of the most common causes that can lead to fires in the garage space:

  • Keeping flammable liquids in your garage- here, we can include oils, different chemical cleaning solutions or gasoline. These liquids are not considered dangerous in themselves but even the smallest spark can lead to disastrous results. Even more so, vapors emanated by these liquids can also catch fire. It is extremely important to keep all your flammable liquids stored in proper containers and properly labeled. Also, if possible keep these flammable liquids in some other safe space, not in your garage.
  • Electrical damages- electrical malfunction is yet another possible cause of garage fires. Old and faulty electrical circuits can lead to problems, so ensuring that everything works well is highly important. It is also a smart idea to have your wiring checked for issues by professionals in the field. Just to stay on the safe side.
  • Clutter and de-clutter. Quite often, the garage represents the main spot where all sorts of things are deposited, sometimes leading to piles of stuff and junk. Make sure to declutter frequently and keep stuff piled at a minimum to avoid the risk of fire. As you may know, fire spreads extremely rapidly especially when it finds stuff to cling to on its way. Having an organized space in your garage will make you feel better and it will also reduce the risk of fires spreading wildly.
  • Last but not least, propane tanks are quite dangerous. It is not advisable to keep propane tanks inside the garage. In case there is a leak or the tank is not well sealed, this could lead to a disaster.
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