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Modern Baseball Cards

Selling baseball cards ny can be challenging. The online world is indeed filled with many opportunities, but you need to be careful which marketplace you choose. At American Legends you can enjoy the peace of mind you need. The company has 30+ years of experience in selling and buying baseball cards. The team of experts here are former collectors, so they understand very well how difficult it can be to part with your cherished collection. The company has built a reputation for honesty and integrity throughout the years, so you can rest assured that your collection is in the right hands.

Many people selling baseball cards ny wonder if their modern baseball cards are worth anything. The modern baseball cards- this is a category comprising cards that were issued from the 1980s onwards. However, this category has been exposed to what is called mass production and therefore the market is abounding with such cards. This translates into the fact that Modern cards are typically worth very little or nothing at all. There are a few exceptions though. For example, a modern Hall of Famer’s rookie card that is in perfect condition, featuring the player’s autograph and maybe a printing error can bring you quite some cash. A very nice example of such a card is the 1993 Derek Jeter rookie card. The 1993 SP #279 Derek Jeter rookie card with a PSA 10 grading sold for $30,000 back in 2015. About 3 years later the same card sold for a whopping $99,100. This is an example of a modern card that is still one of the most expensive.

The value of a modern baseball card increases based on several factors. How much you can sell your card depends on which player we can find on the card, the general condition of the card, distinguishing factors such as printing errors or variations, and the age of the card.

When selling your baseball cards, it is extremely important to choose the right marketplace and find the right buyers. In case you are selling pre-war baseball cards you should reach out to the experts at American Legends.

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