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Packaging breakthroughs in the beauty industry Pt 2.

Makeup and cosmetic trends vary from country to country and whilst in the U.S. tte industryÔÇÖs main concern is getting perfect skin, Italians are after green and sustainable beauty products. On the other hand, the Germans are pragmatic and seek natural beauty and practicality.


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A global trend on the rise consists of beauty products and makeup oriented to men. MenÔÇÖs global skincare sales grew 6.9% to $3.5 billion, a mere fraction of the total global menÔÇÖs grooming market of $34.4 billion. Most of these innovations within this particular space come from Japan and East Asia, which means that in order to bring these products overseas, it is absolutely necessary to rely on military grade protective packaging that protects the integrity of each product, which ensures the safe delivery of said products to their consumers.

Packaging has a huge impact on all products and particularly for cosmetics, according to a study from the observatory of packaging presented at WordPack 2014. Some of the most important breakthroughs and things to be taken into account include aspects such as form and function as well as the impact of the digital era on this particular space.
Functionality is key when it comes to packaging. These needs for functionality demands that the packaging used in the beauty industry incorporates military grade materials and protocols into their logistics, especially for transportation purposes. However, this packaging design must offer the perfect balance between use and product performance.

Some breakthroughs in the beauty packaging industry include airless distribution systems, which deliver and protect the product from all contaminants, and other elements such as oxidation, microbial attacks and pollution by allergens. Airless systems offer many benefits: a high product restitution, smoothness of pump and ease of use: in one push itÔÇÖs done, with a possible distribution of 360-degrees, a precise and constant dosing, for a range of formulas, including viscous and unstable ones.

All of these advances are due to the availability of military grade packaging and technologies that allow packaging designers to develop this kind of products. But the digital era has also had a massive impact on the industry as well. With ecommerce being one of the preferred methods of makeup and beauty product consumers, military packaging and logistics are required to ensure the successful distribution of the products.

Thanks to the technology improvements, labeling has also come a long way, allowing for logistics to be more efficient and cost effective.

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