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Popular Types of Healthcare Software

There are many types of software available that helps healthcare providers streamline their workflow and manage reimbursement issues. Keep reading to find out below some of the most popular healthcare software types available:

  • EHR Software- Electronic Health Record software is perhaps one of the most popular types of software. It is used across many hospitals and clinics, and such software is adjusted to the medical industry only. Such software helps collecting information on the patients (including medication they take, treatments they follow, physician recommendations, etc.) but also information on the types if medical procedures they have undergone in the past (a medical history record). Several EHR programs also include a special module that helps with payments and invoicing. There are also EHR platforms that give access to patients to their medical history, prescriptions and other details.
  • CDI softwareclinical documentation software is software that helps with the process of improving healthcare records with the main aim to ensure better patient outcome. CDI software also focuses on accurate reimbursement and providing data quality. CDI software helps ensuring that EHR (electronic health record) data is accurate in order to deliver better patient care delivery and quality medical reporting.
  • Medical Database Software– quite similar to EHR such software helps recording the medical history of patients as well as the different treatment plans. The main difference between EHR and medical database software is that the latter focuses on categorizing diseases and not the profiles of individual patients. Medical Database Software helps physicians making better treatment decisions and also educating themselves through the review of different clinical cases. For example, doctors can compare symptoms, recovery plans and treatments of different patients diagnosed with the same disease.
  • Medical Diagnosis software– allows physicians to exchange different patient records anonymously in order to fill out their own informational gaps. This practice helps physicians provide a more accurate diagnosis, after reviewing several patient records. Nowadays, similar medical diagnosis aps are also available to individuals. These apps have become extremely popular especially during the pandemic. The apps allow individuals to check if based on their different symptoms they should visit a hospital or a clinic for further investigations.
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