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CAPD360: The Insight of Real Time Intelligence

The main aim of all healthcare professionals is to offer highly efficient and successful treatment services to their patients. However, in order to be able to perform so well, healthcare providers and the healthcare facilities must streamline to perfection their workflow. By managing to streamline well the workflow they will be able to improve the delivery of the services offered. Healthcare providers need to have in place a very god systematic process and a wide set of tools at their disposal that will help them get access to reliable data and different management systems. Luckily, CAPD360insight by Hiteks is such a healthcare technology system that allows providers to streamline their workflow.

  • Easy and quick access to the clinical history of every patient even before the patient’s visit
  • Reducing the amount of mistakes in documentation which allows for a more accurate database
  • Documentation serves as a reliable medico-legal record & as the pillar for reimbursement (for both Risk Adjustment & DRG models)

CAPD360insight Insight is a new application, integrated with Epic’s Notereader CDI (Direct & Silent Modes). Thanks to the availability of different modes, physicians can now save hundreds of hours of resource time on a weekly basis. Moreover, CAPD360 Insight helps greatly improving physician responsiveness.

CAOD360 masterfully combines natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence in order to offer an accurate and reliable system for healthcare providers. The application can easily analyze different notes and then review the electronic health records of the patient. CAPD360 is a real time intelligence application that offers fast and reliable feedback. Thanks to such reliable feedback, physicians can now make well informed decisions in order to improve the accuracy of treatments delivered and setting diagnoses.

  • CAPD360 reduces the risk of documentation errors
  • The application improves the overall experience of physicians regarding the administrative aspects when it comes to patient care
  • EPIC includes exclusive integrated physician training in order to assure improved clinical workflow
  • Enhanced clinical workflow & analytics for improved revenue cycle
  • Improved patient satisfaction & improved clinician satisfaction
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