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Products That Need to Be Protected From Moisture

When you have a product that you need to protect, no matter what it is, you need to keep it in great condition. If not, the product can become damaged, costing you a lot of money. Each product has its own enemy, but there is one thing that most products need to be protected against: moisture. There are two great products that protect against moisture, which are desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags. Although both are great options, we’re going to focus this article on moisture barrier bags.


Moisture barrier bags, sometimes referred to as foil bags or Mylar bags, are one of the most utilized protective packaging products in the market. They protect against humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, romans, and other airborne contaminants. By protecting against these things, moisture barrier bags are also protecting against corrosion. To better understand what moisture barrier bags can be used for, we’ve put together a list of things you can put inside of this protective packaging product.

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What to Put Inside of Your Moisture Barrier Bag

  • Coffees and teas – Products with this type of texture can easily be ruined by moisture. Not only will the consistency change, but mold can also grow.
  • Electronics – Not only are electronics expensive, but they’re fragile. If they’re exposed to too much humidity, it could cause the whole system to malfunction.
  • Medication – Medications lose potency when they’re exposed to extreme conditions, such as too much heat or humidity. Even more, moisture is especially damaging to quick-dissolve tablets and powders.
  • Food – Even if food doesn’t have the same consistency as coffee or tea, humidity poses a big threat to it. This is because humidity can cause mold to grow. When food has mold, it becomes inedible.
  • Other products include: fertilizer, nuts and berries, building materials, grains, pet food, confectionary, seeds, minerals, spices, and much more.

If you’re planning on shipping or storing anything that can be damaged by humidity, make sure to use moisture barrier bags. If not, the value of the product could decrease.

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