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What is Protective Packaging?

Many of us have been in the situation where we shipped something to a loved one or customer and it arrived in bad condition. Maybe it had water damage, was broken, or suffered from corrosion. We probably swore that we packaged it well, but what exactly counts as “packing it well?” If this means putting the product in a box, taping it, and then writing an address, you may be missing a couple of steps. The best way to keep your package safe is by using protective packaging.


Protective packaging is used to protect your packages from damage, all the way from shipping to storage. The type of protective packaging that you’ll need depends on what you’re shipping. For example, shipping a phone may be different than shipping coffee, although they share some of the same threats. To get a better idea of your options, here are some of the popular protective packaging options available.

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Protective Packaging Products

  • VCI PaperVCI paper is treated with engineered chemicals to protect corrosion from protected metals.
  • Desiccant PacksDesiccant packs are used to absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals from the product. By doing so, it also prevents rust, mold, and mildew.
  • Anti-Static Bagsanti-static bags create a Faraday cage effect around electronic devices to shield against ESD and electrostatic fields.
  • Moisture Barrier Bags – These bags protect products from humidity. They can be used in almost every industry, including food, electronics, pharmaceutical products, and more.
  • Military Tape – Sometimes shaving a strong military tape is super important. Although they have a lot of uses, one of the ways they are used is to protect packages. This is because they can hold together oddly-shaped boxes and bundles.


Next time you send a package, make sure to use these protective packaging products. For more information on which one you need, there are many specialists that can help you.

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