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Protective Packaging: Anti Static Bags Uses

Finding the right type of protective packaging for your business needs can be challenging. There are many companies out there offering such packaging items, but not all of them offer top quality products. If you are looking for the highest quality anti static bags, then you should check out EDCO Supply Corporation –ย  offers a varied range of protective packaging solutions that are in line with government specifications.

Anti static bags are highly important, especially if you work with sensitive components such as computer parts for example. The role of these bags is to protect the items inside from any damages caused by electrostatic discharge. Most electronic components are highly sensitive from this point of view and they are at risk of suffering damages if they are not properly packaged. Static electricity is capable of creating huge damages to the internal circuit of such components (such as microprocessors). If they are not packaged correspondingly using such anti static bags, these components can become useless.

When it comes to anti static packaging, there are two different types available: the dissipative bangs and the Static shielding bags. Dissipative anti static bags are made of polyethylene plastic, and they offer protection against static electricity buildup. However, the dissipative anti static bags do not offer protection against direct static discharge. Therefore, dissipative anti static bags are mainly used for components that are not exposed to the damage caused by static discharge.

On the other hand, the static shielding bags comprise of several protective layers made of different materials. Static shielding bags are quite heavier than the simple dissipative bags, and they are regarded โ€œheavy-dutyโ€ packaging material. The static shielding bags offer full protection to the electronic components inside the bag. These bags protect the components against electrostatic discharge and against the buildup of static electricity. Typically, static shielding bags are used for packaging, shipping, and storing highly sensitive electronics that are exposed to the risk of damage by electrostatic discharge. These bags also have an aluminum layer inside, which is the one offering protection against discharge and also has the role of a โ€œconductorโ€ โ€“ grounding safely any static charge around the protected items.

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