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Static Shielding vs. Anti-Static Bags: What’s the Difference

People tend to use interchangeably the words static shielding and anti-static. They may look like synonyms, but there is a huge difference between the two types of packaging materials. The static shielding bags work on preventing the buildup of static electricity. Indeed, they have an “anti-static” effect, but static shielding bags also offer protection against electrostatic discharge (which simple anti-static bags do not).

Static shielding bags are manufactured using several layers- the main layer is a static dissipative poly material which is then surrounded by an aluminum shielding layer. Next, we have a layer of polyester, which also has an outer layer of dissipative coating. The static shielding bags offer protection against static charges both within packaging and outside. Edco Supply Corporation offers a vast range of static shielding packaging materials. You can browse through the available items and select the type of packaging that best suits your needs. It is important to mention that you must use padding on any sharp parts of the items introduced in the bag and that you will not use staples to close the bag (these will compromise the protective factor of the bag itself).

Then, we also have the anti-static bags. The main role of these types of bags is to offer protection only against the buildup of static electricity. Therefore, anti-static bags will not offer protection against electrostatic discharge. Typically, anti-static bags are used in the packaging of electronics parts which are non-static sensitive. Unfortunately, most people will think about purchasing the simple anti-static bags when they wish to offer protection to electronic components. However, the anti-static bags will not protect these types of items against an electrostatic discharge.

If you don’t know what type of packaging you need in order to protect your sensitive items, you should always ask Edco Supply experts for the best advice. Thus you can rest assured that your items will be properly protected against ESD- Electrostatic Discharge. The type of packaging you need to choose also depends on where you ship your items and what types of items we are talking about (hard drives, sound cards or circuit boards must be packed in static shielding bags).

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