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Protective Packaging for Shipping Goods

Different goods and items are shipped around the world every second of the day. It is extremely important to use the right type of protective packaging, because goods and items need to be protected throughout storage and transportation. Protective packaging will basically shield these goods from potential physical damage during transportation.

During the transportation process, all packages are exposed to the risk of dropping, mishandling, vehicle movement damages and so on. Edco Supply Corporation offers a wide range of protective packaging solutions that you can choose from. The company offers everything from packaging usual goods and up to the most sensitive items that need that extra layer of protection. From vci bags and desiccant packs and up to anti-static bags you will find here everything. In case you do not know exactly which type of packaging to choose for your items, ensure to contact the experts and they will readily assist you with the right selection.

Foam based products, also known as “packaging peanuts” represent a quite common type of protective packaging. These are basically Styrofoam pieces in the shape of a peanut, and they are used to package items in bunches, and they serve as a filling material in order to offer protection to the most fragile items. Typically, these Styrofoam pieces will fill in any empty space within the larger packaging so that the items inside are surrounded and well protected. Then, the padded divider sets are compartmentalized boxes that help better organizing the items that will be shipped. These types of divider sets are suitable for smaller items, and they are also perfect when you want to ship two different sized and shaped items within one package.

These are only a few examples of protective packaging, but there are many other types that you can choose from. The bubble bags or bubble wrap bags are also quite common. These are cushioned types of protective packaging suitable for any types of goods. Packaging foam is also a large category within the protective packaging field. There are several types and shapes available and they are perfect for holding, wrapping and safeguarding all sorts of fragile objects.

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