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Silica Gel Packets Everyday Uses

Everybody is well acquainted with those tiny silica gel packs found in a new purse, in the pocket of a leather jacket or inside new shoes. These desiccant bags or silica gel packs have a powerful purpose there: to protect your cherished item from moisture damages. Silica is a very well-known drying agent, absorbing moisture from the surroundings and thus helps keeping your items dry and safe from moisture issues. Even though the instructions generally tell you to throw away these packs…there are quite a few everyday uses for these tiny packets that you could consider.

For instance, the silica gel packs do a very good job at absorbing the moisture from a smartphone. If you accidentally splash your phone with water, first dab the excess with a soft cloth. Then, introduce the phone and the silica gel packs into a zip lock bag and leave overnight. Then, your silverware can also get protection from these silica gel packets. There is plenty of moisture in the environment in general, and our silverware could suffer from tarnishing. However, you could save them from this nuisance if you will simply include a few silica gel packs in the drawer where you keep silverware.

If you are facing problems with moisture entering in your favorite coffee jar, then with the use of these packs you can forget about the problem. For example, you could add a silica gel pack to the lid of the jar and this will absorb any moisture from within the container.

Moisture can be a huge enemy of leather items. This is why you should constantly use desiccant bags or silica gel packs inside leather shoes for example. The packs will help keeping moisture away and help keeping leather healthy and nice for a very long time. The same applies to your leather jackets. Simply put one silica gel pack in each pocket of your leather clothing to help keeping moisture damages away.

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