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Protective Packaging to Ensure High-Quality Products

In todayÔÇÖs competitive market, how a product is packed is almost as important as the product itself. As technology and product manufacturing have evolved, so have consumersÔÇÖ expectations of products quality standards. Among the factors that guarantee that quality standards are met is protective packaging. It ensures that a product remains as intact as when it was just manufactured. Either if it is electronics, food, or any other type of product, it needs protective packaging to provide your consumers with the quality standards theyÔÇÖre looking for. Some of the most used and important protective packaging products are VCI paper and VCI bags, anti-static bags and static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags, and desiccant packs. Below, weÔÇÖll explore what each of them is used for.

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VCI Paper and VCI Bags

VCI is an acronym for volatile corrosion inhibitors. VCI paper and VCI bags are the best way to protect metals from corrosion. The chemicals in VCI products are volatile. Thus, when you wrap or pack a product with VCI paper or bags, the chemicals in the VCI form a protective molecular layer on the metal that protects it form any type of corrosion, ensuring that the product that is being protected does not get damaged by factors such as oxygen, salt or dirt.

Anti-Static Bags and Static Shielding Bags

These types of bags protect products from electricity. Although many people think they are the same, there is one fundamental difference between the two: anti-static bags prevent the formation of static electricity inside; on the other hand, static shielding bags not only protect static electricity from forming, but also from electrostatic discharge. They are good for packing mostly electronics. Deciding which one to use depends on the particular characteristics of the product which is packed.

Moisture Barrier Bags

As their name suggests, moisture barrier bagsÔÇÖ function is to protect their contents from any kind of humidity. They are good for virtually any product that requires being away from moisture at all times.

Desiccant Packs

These are, without a doubt, one of the most popular protective packaging solutions. Desiccant packs small bags packed with desiccants inside. Their function is to absorb any moisture, odors, and chemicals around them. They are used for food, electronics, clothes, among many others types of products.

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