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Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Overlook

Red flags are basically certain signs that show up when something is wrong, and you should always listen to your intuition. At times, red flags can be minor, but other times these red flags become just too intense and sometimes they lead to complete ruin of your relationship. When you feel something is not right, even if you consider that you cannot communicate with your spouse the way you used to…it is time to contact a marriage counseling yonkers expert. With marriage counseling you will get all the support you both need in order to learn how to start fresh and bring back harmony into your life.

Most common red flags in a marriage/relationship & when to seek help

Lack of communication- communication is the basis of our existence. Communication, support, and understanding are all imperative for a good relationship. If you consider that communication is a problem in your marriage, you should talk to marriage counseling yonkers therapists and see how they can help.

Verbal or emotional abuse- a healthy marriage is about encouragement, good communication, good problem-solving skills and supporting one another. If your spouse/partner constantly blames you, and makes you feel that you are the problem, or that you act in a manner that makes him/her infringe emotional/verbal abuse upon you…this is a huge red flag.

Addiction problems- substance abuse or drinking also represent red flags in a relationship. Marriage counseling therapy can help you learn to cope with the problem, while your partner/spouse receives the required medical treatment for the addiction.

Unfaithfulness- this is yet another huge red flag that you may want to see a marriage counselor in order to repair the relationship. It is important to mention that for counseling to work, both parties involved should be willing to take part in these sessions. With counseling, you will learn to take baby steps to repair the damage and bring back passion into your married life.

Some other red flags indicating that you may benefit from counseling include lying, keeping secrets, indifference, relationship that lacks intimacy, and negative communication that often leads to fights.

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