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Couples Counseling Success Rate

Many people feel quite skeptical about couples counseling. According to statistics, couples counseling yonkers can help up to 80% of the couples who decide to go to these sessions. Most couple counseling methods are highly effective, so you should not focus on the fact that you will end up in the 20% sphere of those who will not benefit from counseling. Couples counseling most often does not work if one of the partners will give up going to the required sessions, or if he/she does not take an active part in these sessions. Also, obviously counseling cannot work well if you do not follow the strategies, techniques, and behaviors your counselor teaches you and you should implement at home, after the sessions are over.

Determining whether couples counseling yonkers works for you and will indeed help you heal and rebuild your trust is a difficult task. There are many factors that should be considered in determining the success rate:

  • The moment when you choose to go to counseling. The sooner you admit there is a problem and that you need help, the higher the success rate of counseling
  • What type of relationship issues you are trying to target- there are so many problems that can lead to marriage failure, so the problem itself also plays an important role. Some turn to couples counseling because of lack of communication, others because one of the partners is unfaithful, while others because substance/alcohol abuse is ruining their relationship. Each problem has a different degree of severity, and different levels of effort are required to heal the relationship.

Some couples (whether married or not), can wait even several years until they decide to go and see a therapist. During this time, resentment builds, and problems escalate and by the time they finally agree to get counseling, irreparable damages can easily occur. Therefore, it is so important to reach out for help as soon as possible. Many people will start trying to rebuild their relationship through other methods and leave counseling as a last resort anchor.

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