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Sending the Right Message with Packaging Designs

There are business owners who invest huge efforts into their packaging process. They pay attention even to the smallest details such as inserting desiccant packs in their packages and sending personalized thank you notes, regardless of the overall value of the item. You need to understand that packaging is basically the one that will give that โ€œfirst impressionโ€ to the customer. You need to design your packages for your brand and for your customers. You should use graphics that are in accordance with what type of item these entail. Packaging for a pair of gloves will be so much more different from packaging for a piece of electronic equipment. Think wisely about your packaging graphics, and create something impressive. Also, donโ€™t forget to include desiccant packs, which have the role of absorbing moisture from the environment and thus protecting the enclosed items.

You should also keep it simple with the phrasing on your packaging. Do not use overly complex words and phrases, and do not crowd text onto a small package. Busy designs and too much wording can actually ruin the entire design of your package. Think of it that with the text on your packaging you have only about 3 to 4 seconds to catch a customerโ€™s attention.

Then, you should pay attention to the colors that you are using on the packaging of your product. The colors that you use need to be in harmony with your product somehow. For example, use a combination of white and blue for cosmetic products and toothpaste, and donโ€™t use all-yellow packaging for an entirely red product (the packaging will contrast too much with the product and ultimately mislead the customer).

Last but not least, being honest is everything. This means that you should not recreate a lavish graphic representation for a product that has nothing to do with your gorgeous graphics. You will only manage to lose customers and end up with quite a few complaints as well. Staying honest with your customers will help you gain the reputation and trustworthiness every brand is looking for.

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