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What are Moisture Barrier Bags

Packaging Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

Protective packaging is an extremely important part of your business. Your product needs to be protected from the elements such as moisture, heat, excessive cold, etc. However, besides protection, you should also pay attention to the design of your packaging. Specifically, there are a few mistakes that you should definitely avoid when thinking about the design part of the packaging you will use for your products.

  • Using too much packaging- by using excessive packaging for your products, you are not actually adding anything to the value of the user experience. You are basically wasting the customerโ€™s time and patience, and he will feel in a way โ€œcheatedโ€ by your attempt to sell a small item in a large package. Do not use extra packaging that will only lead to disappointment and frustration on the part of the customer. Plus, you will give the idea of using unnecessary waste, which instantly degrades your brand and image.
  • Do not use generic designs- these types of designs are quite difficult to differentiate from the competition. Moreover, these generic designs will not do you any good in terms of representation as a brand. Packaging is the โ€œfirst layerโ€ that will impress your customer. Beautiful protective packaging which is carefully selected and fitting well the items that you ship will create a good impression on the buyer. If you do not want to create a poor first impression, then do not use generic designs on the packaging.
  • Errors of any kind- especially typographical errors will take away from your trustworthiness and reliability as a brand. Protective packaging should not contain any typographical mistakes because you will send a message of unprofessionalism. If you are looking to build trust with your customers, you need to be attentive even to the smallest details. Even when it comes to packaging, which ultimately gets discarded.

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