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Storing and Handling Old Baseball Cards

It would help if you avoided plenty of things to help keep your old baseball cards in mint condition. Selling baseball cards NY is a tough decision for you, but once you ensure that your old cards are held in the best possible state, you can also expect to receive the best price. So, what are the things you should avoid when storing and handling your precious cards?

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight- When you expose your precious baseball cards to direct sunlight, you tell them to fade over time. You do not want your cards to disappear because they may also become worthless. Preserve the equality of your cards by doing everything possible to keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Humidity is also a factor that should not come into play- selling baseball cards NY for a good value is only possible if they are not damaged. Humidity levels start to increase when the warmer months kick in, and humidity is a great enemy to your cherished cards. Besides damaging them aesthetically, exposure to humidity will also make your cards smell extremely bad.
  • Water/spills- you should always handle and store your baseball cards in dry conditions. Your cards can quickly become destroyed if they meet water. Their shape and colour will distort, and they will also tear easily. The area where you store or handle your cards should always be arid and clean.
  • Sudden and extreme temperature changes can also damage your cards- exposure to condensation is the most dangerous, so you should not only avoid extreme heat or extreme cold. When the temperature shifts in either direction, condensation will form, which can ruin your cards.
  • Smoking can also be damaging to your cads- how? When you smoke in the area where your cards are stored, cigarette smoke will embed into them, making them smell bad. The odour will cling to your cards, and most collectors are not even interested in spending anything on cards that smell like an ashtray.

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