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Taking Care of your Collection: How to Handle Old Cards

Older baseball cards are considered more valuable. Indeed, the oldest baseball cards are the most useful for collectors, but only those in near-perfect condition. Older baseball cards will stay in good condition only if handled with utmost care and correctly stored to be protected from dust, dirt, light exposure, humidity, and other factors. You can sell sports card collections NY made up of old cards only if you keep them in the best possible condition.

One of the essential tips to keep in mind is that you should handle old cards as rarely as possible. Baseball cards printed before World War II were not published to survive 50 or 100 years or more. You can take your old cards collection with utmost care if you use a pair of white cotton gloves, for example. These gloves will help keep the oils from your skin from meeting your precious card. Always handle the cards in arid conditions. You do not want to damage the card in any way because old cards are genuinely worth money when they are in outstanding condition.

By handling your old cards collection with care, you will preserve their condition. If you do not want to sell your group but would like to pass it down to someone in your family, then it is essential to do everything you can to preserve their condition. Smudges and bends on old cards will only drag their value to the ground.

  • Always handle old cards with immaculate and dry hands (use gloves for extra protection)
  • Before handling cards, do not use skin moisturizers because you do not want the grease to transfer onto your cards.
  • Lay out your old cards only on surfaces that have been thoroughly cleansed- protect your cards from dust, crumbs that can scratch the cards or spills that can genuinely damage your valuable card

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