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Surprising Uses of Masking Tape

In the military, there are many different types of military tapes. Some of the popular military tapes are filament tape, PVC Tape, Copper foil tape, and even masking tape. Each military tape has a different use; some may be used to withstand very low temperatures, while other may be better for electro-static shielding. One of the military tapes that most of us are familiar with is masking tape.

Masking tape, otherwise known as painter’s tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape made of thin and easy-to-tear tape. It is commonly used in painting to mask off areas that aren’t supposed to be painted. Aside from that, though, there are other unknown ways that you can use masking tape.

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Other Uses of Masking Tape

  • Labels – If you don’t have a label-maker and need to label something, you can use a piece of masking tape.
  • Reuse a vacuum cleaner bag – You can use masking tape to use your vacuum cleaner bag more than once. To do so, take the bag out and cut a slit down the middle of the back. After you empty it, hold the edges together fold them closed; then use the masking tape to seal them.
  • Hang holiday decorations – Instead of using transparent tape, you can use masking tape to hang up holiday decorations such as party streamers and balloons.
  • Clean lint off of clothes – If you don’t have a lint-roller, you can always use military tape. You can wrap the tape around your hand and use the sticky side to pick up each piece of lint.


Masking tape is one of the military tapes that are most common in households. This is because it has many everyday uses, making it a great military tape to have just in case. There are a wide range of military tapes that can be used in everyday life. For more information, contact your protective packaging provider to help you pick out the military tape that’s right for you.

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