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Different Ways That Desiccant Packs Protect Your Products

We’ve probably all experienced a disaster with moisture. Maybe your phone fell in water, your food cabinet had a leak and the food went bad, or maybe your computer stopped working because of an accidental spill. Moisture can have a negative impact on many things; the exposure doesn’t even have to be direct, it can come from the humidity in the air!

For this reason, there are different protective packaging products used to protect against moisture; one of them being desiccant packs. Desiccant bags are wrapped in Kraft Paper or Tyvek and absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals to protect your belongings. Since moisture can affect almost every industry, desiccant bags can be found everywhere: in your shoe box, when you order food, and even in industrial parts. As we stated, desiccant packs protect against moisture, and because of that they also protect against other threats.

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Desiccant Packs Also Protect Against:

  • Rust – Rust forms when iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture in the air. Rust can affect the quality of the product or even cause it to malfunction. Desiccant bags protect against rust by absorbing the moisture out of the air, which is an important factor needed to create rust.
  • Mold – When water or water vapor condenses on surfaces, it enables mold to form. Mold is one of the worst things that can happen to a product, as it can completely ruin it. For instance, you send packages of coffee to a client but it arrives filled with mold. Not only will you need to replace the product, but it gives your company a bad image.
  • Mildew – Mildew is a kind of mold that tends to grow on flat surfaces. As with mold, it’s important to protect your products against mildew.


Aside from just protecting against moisture, desiccant bags also protect against the damage that moisture can cause. If you need to protect any of your belongings against moisture, rust, mold, or mildew, don’t forget to use desiccant packs.

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