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The Best Protection for Electronics with Moisture Barrier Bags

The role of the moisture barrier bags is to offer protection to electronic items that are stored, shipped or packaged. These types of bags offer protection from electrostatic damage during manufacturing or transportation and against moisture accumulation. The moisture barrier bags protect the contents with special film layers that actually control the MVTR- Moisture vapor transmission rate. These types of packaging solutions are particularly useful in the case of surface mount devices that must be kept in a dry condition for a long time.

Edco Supply Corporation puts at your disposal a vast range of protective packaging solutions. They also offer moisture barrier bags at the most advantageous prices. The company has an experience of many years in the field, proudly serving its customers with top quality solutions and services. Check their website for a full access to all the packaging solutions offered. Best prices and fast shipping are always a priority.

There are two main important things to keep in mind when choosing moisture barrier bags. Firstly, there is the moisture vapor transmission rate and the puncture resistance of course. A moisture barrier bag with a lower MVTR will offer the best protection against water vapor transmission. Then, the resistance of the bag or the puncture strength is also important and it represents how much weight the static shield can withstand before being punctured. These are quite technical terms, but if you need help in selecting the right type of moisture barrier bag for your items, the experts at Edco Supply Corporation can help. You just need to inform the experts about your needs and requirements and the type of items/goods that you need to store or transport and they will appoint the right selection of bags for you.

Moisture barrier bags are also known as foil bags or Mylar bags. They represent some of the most reliable and efficient packaging solutions that help protect against moisture damage, oxygen damage, grease, and other potential contaminants. When your items are packed in a moisture barrier bag, you will keep corrosion away. The bags are manufactured with a layer of aluminum that helps blocking moisture.

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