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The Role of Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is an umbrella term including all sorts of packaging materials that are meant to protect different goods from the elements while in storage or during transportation. Protective packaging can be made of sturdy cardboard, plastic, poly, Kraft paper, aluminum foil, and many other types of materials. Depending on the types of items that you need to protect, you should opt for the most suitable type of packaging. For example, if you need to protect sensitive items from moisture damage, you will not opt for cardboard packaging. Instead, you should look for moisture barrier bags that are also torn and puncture resistant. These types of bags will not allow moisture vapors to enter the package and destroy your items (such as developing mold, corrosion, rust, and so on)

Protective packaging can be the primary or secondary form of packaging. For example, if you need to transport electronic devices, first they will be packed in protective packagings such as moisture barrier bags or anti-static shielding bags. Then, secondary protective packaging is applied, such as using sturdy cardboard packaging.

One extremely important factor regarding packaging is the consumer’s first encounter with your product. How does the end consumer receive the package? Is the package torn? Are the items inside protected or have they become soggy and bent? Consumers pay extra careful attention to how they receive their packages from different experiences. You may be familiar with the thousands of daily “unboxing” films and vlogs posted online. This is when the influencer takes your package and films the unboxing process. This is exactly why you should invest in top-quality protective packaging- to ensure that your product reaches the end consumer in pristine condition. Otherwise, customers may return the package (especially if the items enclosed show any signs of damage).

According to statistics in the field, up to 50% or more of the consumers will take a photo of the packages when they receive them. Social sharing, viral videos, you want your business to be represented here but in a positive light. Protective packaging does not only protect the items you ship but will also make the end consumer joyful that he received a package in perfect condition.

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