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Things to Know About Static Shielding Bags

Static shielding bags play an extremely important role in manufacturing environments. These are special containers that allow for the safe transportation of different products and sensitive components. The static shielding bags are specifically designed to protect ESD- Sensitive devices and products from static electricity. Such static electricity can easily build up inside or outside a package and then the enclosed items can become compromised. The first layer of the static shielding bag is made of static dissipative polyethylene, then followed by an aluminum layer- so that you touch such ESD-sensitive products without causing any damage to them. For additional protection, these bags also feature an aluminum sheet layer that offers protection against physical and static damages.

For ESD- sensitive products, the static shielding bags represent the only safe and recommended type of protective packaging. The static shielding bags will help prevent the buildup of static electricity. They will also protect the enclosed items from damages caused by electrostatic charges. There are several types of items and products out there that are exposed greatly to the risk of static electricity discharge. Some examples include computer microchips, printed circuit boards, graphic cards, or motherboards.

Finding top-quality protective packaging is quite challenging. Therefore, you should choose Edco Supply Corporation- your most important partner in offering a wide range of protective packaging solutions. You will find here everything from simple packaging up to the most complex static shielding bags and mil-spec packaging solutions. The company has many years of experience in the field offering customers protective packaging that adheres to the highest standards of quality. You can check out their great inventory of products online.

In case you need help with selecting the right type of protective packaging solution for your business, you can get assistance online. The experts here will help you choose the best type of packaging solution for the items that you have in storage or for the ones that you need to ship/transport. Invest in quality protective packaging if you want to protect your items from the elements and physical damage.

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