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Tips For Selecting Images For Your Website

If you’re designing a website for your business, you’re probably excited to organize it exactly how you want.  That being said, there are some factors to keep in mind.  For example, your website should be user friendly.  This means that the website is easy to navigate, contains valuable information, has a fast speed, and is aesthetically pleasing.  One of the ways to make it physically appealing is with images.  The great thing about images is that you’re able to have creativity in choosing which ones you want.  That being said, website marketing companies offer their advice on how to use images.

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Create a Logo

Your logo should be on every page of your website.  This is because it helps users to feel confident that they haven’t left your website.  In addition, it also helps users to identify your website and brand.


Use Meaningful Images

Images should be used to display important messages.  Some websites make the mistake of filling every blank space with an image.  This isn’t ideal, as the images can lose their power if there are too many.  When you’re choosing images, ask yourself, “Why am I choosing this image and not another one?  Does this add meaning to my website?”


Display Real People

When users see real people in the images, it helps them to feel like they’re connecting with the page.  It’s also beneficial to choose images with people that are similar to your potential clients.  For example, if your intended audience is a younger crowd, display young models.


Make Sure Images Don’t Slow Down Your Website

It’s possible that too many large images could slow down your website, therefore affecting the user’s experience.  For this reason, you should optimize your images by changing their size or using thumbnail images to preview larger ones.


Label Clickable Images

When you use clickable images, make sure to label them.  Although text links are usually descriptive, images aren’t always self explanatory.  This is why labels help users know where they’re linked to.

When you’re designing your website, every detail counts.  This is why it’s important to hire a website marketing company to help optimize your content.  Not only will they work on content marketing, but also the speed of your page, images, usability, and every detail in between.

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