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Top 5 Reasons to have a Medellin Bachelor Party

A well-planned Medellin bachelor party can be the pinnacle of any guys trip. From the amazing women to epic Medellin nightlife, this city has charm like no other.

But how can we put charm into words and strong reasons to convince the other members of your group? Well, allow us to be of help. Here are 7 reasons to have a Medellin bachelor party.

Women in Medellin

Colombian women are the most coveted of the Latinas. Their natural beauty, accent and commitment to always looking their best has them on top of everyone’s list. It’s no wonder why Colombia is always in the podium of the Miss Universe Pageants. Women in Medellin are no exception.

Medellin women or paisas as they’re known are hospitable, warm and extremely friendly. A walk around any one of Medellin’s shopping malls or restaurants will have you see for yourselves.

Not to mention the plethora of beautiful women in Parque Lleras and Provenza on any given night. We’ll take a second to wait while you Google Medellin women.

Short & Direct Flights

Medellin is no longer the forbidden destination (at least as far as flights) it once was. With direct flights from various cities in the US and simple 1 hour connecting flights from Panama, visiting Medellin has never been easier.

A 3 hour flight separates you from Florida and this paradisiacal city. Location isn’t exactly a deal-breaker but it can be a game changer for those who can’t get along for too long. 

Tours in Medellin

You might not be here to tour the city but many of you do need picture evidence.

You can’t use Medellin’s nightlife and women as a top selling point when you’re groveling for permission. On the contrary, these “fishing trips” need tangible selling points. Adventure and cultural excursions in Medellin offer that.

Touring the city via a cable car/gondola lift, helicopter, and various out of town excursions make for an epic weekend. There are grafitti tours, boat parties, paragliding and ATV excursions through the mountains.

Weather and Activities

Medellin’s weather is a subtle 75 degrees (23 celsius) year-round making it the city of eternal spring. This makes the city ideal to visit anytime of the year.

The city’s picturesque and unreal views allow tour agencies to get creative with bachelor party activities.

Paragliding through the Aburra valley, ATVs through the mountains  and even coffee picking. The city’s weather allow all these activities to be possible on any given morning or afternoon.

Parque Lleras, Provenza, and Medellin Nightlife

Parque Lleras and Provenza are Medellin’s main nightlife areas. Both located in the El Poblado neighborhood of the city and both feature dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful women in Medellin. Influencers, models and your average girls next door. The beauty on any given night is not like anything you’ve seen before.

 But back to Medellin nightlife. Here are a few of the city’s most popular clubs and the type of music they play.

  • Perro Negro – Younger crowd, reggaeton music, no VIP areas.
  • Gusto – Popular place to meet escorts, reggaeton, hip-hop and American club vibes.
  • Vinthrash – Urban club, 3 floors, reggaeton and latin rythms.
  • La Chula – 3 different clubs. EDM, reggaeton and mariachi. Great high end club vibes and amazing women.
  • La Isla – Top strip club in Medellin
  • Fase Dos – Second most famous Medellin strip club.

Bonus – A Medellin Bachelor Party Itinerary

A great way to ensure an epic Medellin bachelor party is to have everything pre-planned. This is easier in cities that are 100% focused on tourism but Medellin requires more planning.

This is why a tentative itinerary (like the one below) is helpful. Most groups stay 3-4 days here so it’s best to hit the ground running.

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