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Tutors for Young Learners: What Qualities to Look For

Tutoring is an amazing resource.ย  Not only does it help students understand subjects that are difficult for them, but it challenges them to learn new things, helps them learn what type of studying techniques work best for them, and gives them a chance to be creative and think outside of the box.ย  Some parents ask us, when is the best time to start tutoring?ย  The truth is, there is no right answer, it just depends on when your child needs or wants it.ย  If you want to get your child a tutor as early as possible, then thatโ€™s good too.ย  If you have a young child thatโ€™s going to start tutoring, here are some of the qualities to look for in your online tutor in NYC.

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A Tutor That Knows How to Deal with Distractions

As parents, we know that our young children get distracted easily.ย  Since this will also happen in tutoring, make sure to hire a tutor that has patience and knows how to handle it, such as using the distraction as a learning experience.ย ย 


A Fun Environment

Just because itโ€™s tutoring doesnโ€™t mean that it can’t be fun!ย  This is especially true with young learners who struggle to pay attention.ย  The goal of the tutor should not only be to teach, but to have fun and create a comfortable learning space for your child.ย  Look for someone who is optimistic, upbeat, and good with young learners.


A Tutor That is Prepared

You are probably paying by the hour, so you donโ€™t want the tutor to show up and be unprepared.ย  That’s why you should hire someone that comes to class ready so that they donโ€™t waste any time.ย  Since many students are now doing online tutoring, this means that the tutor should have all of the assignments or activities already downloaded so that they are ready to be used.


A Tutor That Keeps You Involved

Unless you’re sitting and monitoring every second of the sessions (which isnโ€™t bad either), then you probably donโ€™t really know how the tutoring is going.ย  Your tutor should let you know what they focused on that day, what improvements that your child has made, and what areas they should keep working on.ย  This will help you be more involved in your child’s learning journey.

In order to hire the right online tutor in NYC, consider the tips that we mentioned in this article.ย  In addition, donโ€™t be afraid to do your research to find a tutoring company thatโ€™s trustworthy.

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