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Benefits of Studying in a Group

As the end of the semester approaches, many people are rushing to get everything done.  Aside from last minute assignments and projects, this also means that important tests are approaching.  In order to get the best grades, many people are considering what strategy they want to use when it comes to studying.  Although everyone has different preferences, study groups are a great option; here’s why.

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You Can Share Notes

When you share notes, you can fill in any information or concepts that you missed.  This is great for when you missed a class, or even just if you and your classmates took note of different things during the lecture.  By comparing notes, you can get more information from the lecture.


Cover More Material

As mentioned, the end of a semester can be very busy.  By sharing the workload, your group can cover more material and focus on more concepts.  For example, if the teacher gives you a study guide, each person can research different topics and then you can come together and help each other study what you learned.


Extra Motivation

We’ve all been in the situation where we say we’re going to go home and study but we end up watching tv or playing on our phones.  When you have set study times, you’ll show up to the group and be motivated to study.


It Makes Learning Fun

Sometimes studying alone can be boring, but when you’re in a group setting with your friends, it makes it more enjoyable.  Since you’re with friends, you can even reward yourself afterwards.  For instance, after you finish a project, everybody goes out bowling or to a coffee shop.  This is fun, as well as motivating.


Everyone is different, meaning that some people love studying in groups, while the rest work better alone.  If you or your group want extra help during finals, you should consider online tutoring in NYC; online tutors can help you by answering any of your questions, offering new study techniques, and even creating practice tests before the actual final.

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